Day 1

The Craft of UX

25th November

This day is dedicated to teaching practical skills, methodologies, and ways of thinking. With a distinct focus on the return to physical, we will be stripping back the components of the Experience Design process, to understand the impact of behaviour and user research, journey mapping, wireframing and more. Learn concrete skills you can disseminate in your own work, as we track the manifestation of the UX process, with tangible skills at each stage of the process. If you’re a practitioner in user research and design and aiming to add new strings to your bow this day is for you.

Day 2

Evolving the Impact of UX

26th November

Here we will address the evolution of the UX role and responsibility, empowering practitioners to hone their versatile craft and scale the value of design within the business. We will discuss the capacity for UX to lead through product discovery and inform business strategy, as well as share frameworks for operationalising design, scaling design systems and demonstrating ROI to Stakeholders. Crucially, we will also be revisiting ethical design practices, inclusive design and the responsibility of UX, so, if you’re keen to rekindle your values as a designer and evolve your impact, this track is for you.

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